Research team


Anu Sabhlok is trained as an architect, feminist scholar and geographer. Issues of identity and space in the ‘developing world’ context are central to her work. Her doctoral work at Penn State focused on the role of informal sector women in the construction(s) of identity amidst heightened nationalism and economic liberalization in Gujarat, India. She volunteered alongside and conducted ethnographic work with women relief workers in camps after the Hindu-Muslim riots in 2002 Gujarat. For Anu, her teaching, research and activism form part of the same continuum; they share the same goals: to push the boundaries of established disciplines, of entrenched societal norms, and to seek transformation towards social justice.

Kausiki Sarma is a photojournalist who is currently working as a Project officer and manager with Aman Trust. She has previously worked as a photographer and Assistant Director for a documentary films like “A measure of Impunity” (under a project titled, “The Impact of Conflict on women in Assam and Nagaland) and “Bidyajyoti” (an innovative initiative on elementary education introduced by the UNICEF along with the state of Assam).


Fieldwork participants:


Dr. Niveditha Menon

Niveditha Menon has been working with issues of gender violence for around fifteen years now. She holds a Phd in sociology and demography with a minor in women’s studies. She teaches at IIIT-Bangalore.

Parul Gupta (MS07016)

Neelam Singh (MS08034)



Shiv Pal Singh Kang (MS09120)

Deepak Saroha (MS09045)

Rahul Kumar Yadav (MS09103)

Prateek Gupta (MS09096)

Vikash Dhindhwal (MS09135)



Yogesh Mishra (PH12100)

Hoiwan Cheung (Global Health Fellow, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire).



Devi Bhuvanesh (Summer intern, Anna University)

Deepanshi Mishra (Summer intern, Delhi University),

Janak .N. Padhiar (Global Health Fellow, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire),

Kausiki Sarma (Research Assistant, January-June,2014)

Jaya Sundaresh (Research Assistant, February-June,2014)

Amoolya Rajappa (Research Assistant, October 2014- January, 2015)


Blog Support

Amoolya Rajappa (Research Assistant, October 2014- January 2015)



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